About our chem store

We strive to provide a cost-effective and time-bound research solutions in the area of custom synthesis, formulation development and analytical development.

We are a family operated cooperative, established in 2017. As the company grew, despite superhuman efforts (and a trusty hand-writing robot – no joke), we soon realized he would no longer be able to manage the workload without extra pairs of hands.

The unfortunate thing about hands is that they generally (though not always) come attached to humans. We wanted to make sure that whoever we hired had the same level of care and dedication we had for Chemical Collective and its customers. We’d poured our sweat and blood into the company and we wanted our colleagues (i.e subordinates) to do the same. What better way to ensure this than hiring his own flesh and blood? (also we realized family members will accept far below minimum wage – but this was irrelevant to our decision).

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