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Alpha-GPC – 60x 200mg Capsules

Alpha–GPC is a chemical released when a fatty acid found in soy and other plants breaks down. It is used as

Aniracetam – 60x 500mg Capsules

Aniracetam is a type of nootropic. This is a group of substances that enhance brain function. Some forms, such as caffeine,


Magnesium L-threonate is the salt formed from mixing magnesium and threonic acid, a water-soluble substance derived from the metabolic breakdown of vitamin C.


Oxiracetam is a nootropic drug of the racetam family and a very mild stimulant. Several studies suggest that the substance is

Piracetam – 60x 800mg Capsules

Piracetam is in the racetams group, with chemical name 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide. It is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA and shares the same 2-oxo-pyrrolidone

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Nootropics are a class of chemicals used as medicinal compounds, food supplements, and performance enhancement aids that are known to have cognitive enhancement effects. These research chemicals are believed to improve executive mental functions such as cognition, memory, creativity, and focus. They are under investigation for their benefits in the cure of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and attention deficit disorders.

Are divided into two major categories, specifically the central nervous system stimulants and cognitive enhancers.

Specific forms of the compounds are available as over the counter medication for anxiety, stress, and dopamine stimulation. They can be used as food supplements to provide therapeutic and restorative effects for improved focus, concentration, and mental performance.

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